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[Character Name] oswald baskerville! when the time is right, 'glen baskerville' will be also acceptable (and ten times more appropriate- not that he'll correct jack vessalius or lacie baskerville if they choose to continue calling him 'oswald').
[Canon] pandora hearts.
[Point Taken from Canon] retrace 68, just before banishing lacie to the Abyss.

[Age] 27 - not that he's really... going to age anymore, of course.
[Gender] male!
[Sexual Orientation] he doesn't really... have one, all things considered? pansexual at best, but at this point in time he's got jack in-game.

[Eye Color] "violet purple".
[Hair Color] "coal black".
[Height] 6'1".
[Other] a near-permanent :| face. once he hits that canon point, a nnnice scar on his front given to his as a goodbye present from jack! (fuu)
[Clothing] nnnot yet sdzjgvo

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how's my driving? c: he's a bit of a new muse for me, so i'd appreciate anything, really.

LAYOUT CREDIT TO [community profile] vigils.

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